Why you should be using credit cards

Unlike other forms of payments, credit cards come with numerous befits that you should take advantage of. They, however, require some discipline so that you don’t overspend on things that you may not necessarily need. With self-discipline and establishing ways of managing your finances, you can gain a lot from using credit cards.

These cards come with numerous reward programs that you can choose from. They give you credit reward points which you can utilize on different things. For instance, you can pay for car hire, flights or even grocery shopping with the points so that you save on cash.

A frequent flyer card comes in handy for frequent travellers. These credit cards reward you with points when you make purchases. Credit cards also give you bonuses when you sign up with them. You can get a lot of bonus points from signing up for a credit card. There is also an option of gaining reduced and promotional interest rates from credit cards.

You should, however, be keen on the terms and conditions that credit card issuers provide when applying for one since not all cards that have a sign-up bonus are valuable. Most issuers demand that you meet some requirements like a minimum expenditure during the first months. Your spending habits should match the minimum requirements for you to benefit from a sign-up bonus.

Credit cards also allow you to save some money. You can apply for a cashback card which pays some money back to your account. The money you can save depends on the cashback rate of your credit card. You can earn up to 5% back from your purchases. Credit cards also offer you protection as the consumer.

Some of the protection comes in the form of purchase protection insurance, rental car insurance or even extended warranty. You can even get travel insurance from using a credit card. Purchase protection insurance can cover some new items you purchase against accidental damage or even theft for a couple of months after the purchase. Such services save you money and time as they cover some of your costs.

Credit cards are also safer to use than other means of payment since they cover fraud protection and security. Most cards make use of advanced technology that monitors your account to prevent you from suspicious activity from unauthorized users. It makes it easy to resolve scams and catch culprits.

These cards are also convenient because they give you the chance to shop online. This means you can compare items from online shops and make your purchase and wait for delivery. They, therefore, save you a lot of time and the stress of looking for things from a market.

They also prevent you from walking around with cash all the time. It is hard to retrieve cash when you lose it, but by cancelling a credit card, you can prevent your money from getting lost. They also work in different currencies eliminating the need to convert currency when you move to another country.